Smart Nation Fellowship Programme

Innovate with data science and technology for the public good

Our vision is for Singapore to be a Smart Nation – where people live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology, offering exciting opportunities for all.”
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong


Singapore is embarking on a journey to build a Smart Nation, with the aim of harnessing technology and data to their fullest to improve the lives of citizens.

The Smart Nation Fellowship Programme brings top data scientists and technologists to Singapore to collaborate with the Singapore government on delivering projects for the public good.



digital platforms, apps, and analytical solutions that transform ideas into tangible results



with a dynamic team to co-create solutions to public sector problems



with senior decision makers across government on the intersection of technology and public policy

Data Fellow Data Focus

Develop and apply quantitative tools to visualise and analyse data

Enable evidence-based decision making in government

Tech Fellow Tech Focus

Design, build, and deploy applications and platforms

Deliver digital services to citizens and enhance their digital experience

Work on these projects, or propose your own

  • Work with us on the use of computational methods to improve public service delivery and decision-making. Some examples of projects:
    • A study with a local specialist clinic to analyse and optimise queues to improve patient experience
    • An evaluation of a national level subsidy and welfare scheme for vulnerable groups with a key government agency to inform policy review
  • Help empower public officials with cutting edge data science tools by helping us build features into the following platforms:
    • “Hansard”: A web-based visualisation tool to harness natural language processing and topic modelling techniques to better understand textual data
    • “Pulse of the Economy”: First of it’s kind urban systems platform to obtain a real-time picture of the economy through combination of various data streams
    • Finnet: A network and graph analytics engine that helps understand relationship and financial networks, to aid in the fight against fraud
  • Build transformative products for citizens
    • Volunteer matching: Connect volunteers with those in need, promote a culture of giving
    • Beeline: Contribute to the world’s first experiment in crowd-sourced, direct buses
    • Help propel us to become the world’s best open data portal for communicating data

Become a Smart Nation Fellow

Join us in Singapore in 2016

Period of Engagement
  1. Apply
  2. Plan and scope your project
  3. Work with the team in Singapore
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The Team

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Be a part of Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision

Expertise in computer and social sciences, software development, data science, UI/UX design, or technology (wireless and sensor networks, ICT and cybersecurity, Internet of Things)

Previous experience working on data or technology projects

Able to work in Singapore for at least 3 months


Applications for current batch of Smart Nation Fellows have closed. You may still submit an application which will be used for consideration when the Smart Nation Fellowship Programme next opens for application.


Tell us more about yourself

Part A - Personal Information
Part B - Written Application
In not more than 2 pages, answer the following questions:
  1. What is your vision of a Smart Nation?
  2. What are your motivations for wanting to be a Smart Nation Fellow?
  3. What projects are you passionate about and would like to undertake as part of the fellowship?
Word Doc or PDF format less than 5MB
Part C - Curriculum Vitae
Word Doc or PDF format less than 5MB


  • How long is the Fellowship?

    Fellows will be appointed for short stints of 3 to 6 months. Fellows will have their projects scoped out prior to beginning their stint, so they are able to hit the ground running immediately upon joining.

  • Is the Fellowship open to all nationalities?

    Yes. We are looking at those working overseas in technology companies or teaching in Institutes of Higher Learning, as well as those working in the private sector or academia in Singapore.

  • What skills does the Fellowship look for?

    The Fellowship positions require ability to work in a technical environment. Potential Fellows – who can be from academia or industry - will need to have significant experience and track record of leading or working on data or technology projects. They will need to have expertise in computer and social sciences, data science, software development, UX/UI design or technology (such as wireless and sensor networks, ICT and cyber security, and Internet of Things).

  • What kind of projects will Fellows be working on?

    Fellows will work with a team of data scientists, software developers, coders and other experts from IDA’s Government Digital Services and other government agencies on a range of data and digital projects that aim to tackle real-world challenges in the areas of healthcare, transportation, Open Data and public service delivery.

    These will include building transformational digital services and analytics platforms, as well as experimental apps and analytics projects for the public good.

  • Can Fellows propose their own projects to work on?

    Fellows can either choose to work on digital and data projects that the Government Digital Services team has pre-identified, or propose new projects.

  • Where will Fellows work at?

    Fellows will work alongside the Government Digital Services team at the IDA HIVE located at Sandcrawler. The HIVE is currently home to a team of forward-looking data scientists, designers, engineers, coders and other experts who have built a suite of transformative digital and data products for citizens and delivered data-driven insights for government agencies.

  • What is the remuneration for Fellows?

    Fellows will receive a monthly stipend that is commensurate with the individual’s experience and skillsets.

  • Does the Fellowship accept recommendations?

    IDA does not accept recommendations in the application process. Potential Fellows should apply for the programme directly.

  • What happens after Fellows have completed their stint? Can Fellows extend their Fellowship after their stint or even join the Government service?

    IDA will continue to establish close contacts with Fellows who have completed their stints and build a global resource network of Fellowship alumni that the Singapore Government can continually tap on for their expertise on data science and technology matters. Alumni are also welcome to collaborate with IDA on projects that contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative in the long term.

    The Fellowship is also an opportunity for them to get a good flavour of working on technology solutions for the public good, which could in turn inspire them to contribute in their own way, be it a start-up, social enterprise, or government.

  • May I appeal if I am not selected for the Fellowship programme?

    There is no appeal process for the Fellowship programme. However, you may choose to apply for the next window of the Fellowship should your application be unsuccessful.

  • I have not received any news about my Fellowship application. What can I do?

    You should receive an email notification of the outcome of your application. Please ensure the email address that you have provided is correct, as that will be the main means of communication between us. Please also check your junk e-mail folder just in case our email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

    Due to the high volume of applications received, we regret that we may not be able to entertain individual requests to check for application status.

  • Can I work on the Fellowship programme on a part-time basis?

    No. Applicants should be able to commit on a full-time basis for the entire duration of the Fellowship Term.

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